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 Performer  (General Cargo Ship)
289 days ago by odinfm

Taken to Tuzla for repairs after engine failure
General cargo vessel Performer at around 1950 LT Nov 15 13 suffered engine failure reportedly on recommended lane in Marmara sea moving south towards Dardanelles, en route from Mariupol Ukraine to Spain. Tug was dispatched, vessel was secured and either towed or escorted to Tuzla, apparently for repairs. As of 1300 UTC Nov 16 vessel was anchored in Tuzla.

 Hae Song  (General Cargo Ship)
289 days ago by BerndU

arrived Scrapyard
arrived Jiaojiang scrapyard 11.11.13

 Scipione  (Bulk Carrier)
289 days ago by ronymay02

please give me information

 Salix  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
290 days ago by BerndU

beached at Gadani 11/2013

 Guy V Molinari  (Passenger Ship)
290 days ago by Timsen

Ferry had a hard landing at Staten Island
On Nov 14, 2013, the "Guy V. Molinari" had a hard landing at Staten Island due to a power failure. Nobody was injured and the vessel remained apparently undamaged. The ferry had left the Whitehall terminal at 2 p.m. bound for Staten Island. The ferry had neared the Statue of Liberty before it began to slow down, turned around and went back to the Manhattan terminal. The ferry's crew told passengers to brace for impact and the boat hit the pier harder than usual. The vessel ran into the pilings and the lower level of a bridge at a low speed. The evening rush hour ferry service was running on a modified schedule due to the incident, causing delays for commuters. Reports with photos: www.nydailynews.c...

 Queen Of Nanaimo  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
290 days ago by Timsen

Ferry repaired and back to service
The "Queen of Nanaimo" which was damaged when high winds knocked it off course has been repaired and returned to its regularly scheduled sailings on Nov 15. The ferry had been out of service since Nov 2. It had been departing Village Bay Terminal on Mayne Island when severe weather caused the ferry to veer off course and allide with a private float. Some damage was sustained to thestarboard-side propeller and shafting, as well as to a part of the aft hull. The vessel resumed service with the 4:25 p.m. sailing from Long Harbour on Saltspring Island.

 Wisdom  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Chemical Oil Products Tanker)
290 days ago by BerndU

sold to breakers
sold to Alang breakers

 Donald Duckling  (Bulk Carrier > Wood Chips Carrier)
290 days ago by Timsen

Unsewaworthy ship detained in Tyne
The "Donald Duckling" which docked in Tyne on Nov 9, 2013, was detained by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency in the port after an inspection revealed a long list of serious deficiencies. Crew members are said to have had such poor food provisions onboard that they were forced to catch fish from the side of the vessel which they had to cook on deck using dunnage because galley equipment was out of order. The ship had previously been detained for 121 days in Gibraltar, when 21 safety deficiencies were found by port state control officers, and in September an inspection in Las Palmas found 33 deficiencies onboard. The chief engineer had been dismissed after requesting spare parts to rectify problems identified in the port state control inspections. The Nautilus/International Transport Workers’ Federation inspector Tommy Molloy was helping the crew members. He said the vessel was one of the worst examples of substandard shipping that he has encountered. Crew members had not been paid on time on a number of occasions and formal requests by two seafarers to be repatriated because of family illnesses had been ignored. The vessel was clearly not seaworthy which ought to be of grave concern to the charterers and cargo receivers. It was clear that the crew would have been placed into potential danger had the ship left port for the voyage. The ship had arrived in Tyne Port to load a cargo of scrap metal bound for Korea. Mr Molloy has written to the shipowner requesting the payment of owed wages and the repatriation of some of the crew due to a breach of contract, in line with their contractual entitlement. The onboard contractual documentation for the Romanian and Filipino crew members was not in compliance with international Maritime Labour Convention requirements.

 Stordal  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
290 days ago by Timsen

Ferry in danger of drifting onto rocks
The "Stordal" sailing between Seivika and Tømmervåg suffered engine failure on Nov 15, 2013, at 7.50 a.m. with 34 passengers and a crew of five on board. Six minutes after the departure from Tømmervåg at 7:30 the main engine conked out. The ferry was off Talgsjøen and only 10-20 meters from rocks. The crew distributed life jackets to the passengers who were collected on deck in case a evacuation was needed. The Pilot boat "LS 120", a lifeboat and a Sea King helicopter were alerted, but the helicopter could be stood down after the situation was nack under control. The ferry was first connected to the pilot boat and then taken in tow by the lifeboat "Erik Bye" and heading towards Seivika where passengers and cars were to be taken off. The weather in the area was poor with strong winds. Norwegian report with photos:

 Maria  (Offshore Vessel > Standby Safety Vessel)
290 days ago by Timsen

Salvors for raising of Maria wreck contracted
Salvors of HEBO Maritiemservice from Zwartsluis were contracted by Rijkswaterstaat to raise the "Maria" which is resting on the bottom of the Northsea in a depth of 21 meters SW of Den Helder since Oct 7. Salvage was to start as soon as the weather allowed it, Rijkswaterstaat announced on Nov 11.

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