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 Costa Concordia  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
302 days ago by Timsen

Unidentified human remains found
Italian officials overseeing the continuing search for bodies around the wreck of the "Costa Concordia" on Sep 26 said unidentified remains have been found. They were outside the ship, on a part of the seabed that was exposed when the ship was raised. The search began on Sep 24 after the vessel was hoisted upright. An official said it was almost a miracle to find the the remains around the center part of the ship, where Italian passenger Mara Grazia Tricarichi and Indian crew member Russel Rebello were last seen. They believed the two bodies could have been trapped under the hull of the ship, which had keeled over. The head of the civil protection agency Franco Gabrielli said that the remains discovered were absolutely consistent with the two missing people, an Indian man and an Italian woman. Their families were notified of the discovery. It could take several days for a lab in Tuscany to test the remains once police divers retrieved them from the water. Their identities could be definitively confirmed only after DNA testing. Crews also plan to haul out some of the ship's computers in the hope they can shed some light on why generators and other equipment failed after the crash. Report with photos: worldnews.nbcnews...

 Ranine  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
302 days ago by BerndU

scrapped at Chittagong 08/2013

 Amundsen  (Service Ship > Icebreaker)
302 days ago by Timsen

Lost chopper found in 450 metres water depth
The chopper of the "Amundsen" which crashed in the M'Clure Strait in Arctic waters has been found. But now it has to be recovered from the depths. After the accident, the "Amundsen" had returned to Resolute Bay, Nunavut, with the recovered bodies of the crew. It later returned to the scene to recover the chopper. A remote-operated vehicle found the helicopter on the ocean floor, in a depth of about 450 metres. The coast guard, ArcticNet and the TSB were working together to recover it. But ice and weather conditions were making that difficult. While the aim was to recover the helicopter as quickly as possible, ensuring the safety of the personnel and vessels involved in this operation was a first priority. In addition to the "Amundsen", which was operating the ROV, the Coastguard icebreaker "Henry Larsen" also was assisting with the operation being in charge of clearing ice. The ship will have to be quite stabilized in order to make a good recovery. If there would be too much ice around the ship they won't be able to lift up the wreckage through the ice, so they have to move the ice away in order to be able to lift up the wreckage. It was hoped the chopper would be recovered by the end of Sep 25. Once that was done, the helicopter was to be transported to a TSB lab to inspect all types of components, engines, transmission, blades and the wreckage itself to determine what happened.

 S73 Hermelin  (Other)
302 days ago by Timsen

Mutiny was a joke
The trial of six German naval crew members of the "Hermelin" being accused of mutiny by writing racist slurs on a superior officers legs after tying him to a table opened on Sep 24, 2013, with a confession - it had all been a revenge prank. A defendant in the trial of six first mates accused of attacking the ship's bosun said it had been meant as a joke. The 27-year-old bosun told a court in the north eastern coastal city of Rostock that the men had wanted to pay their victim back for an offensive remark. The first mates were accused of dragging their German-born superior officer of Thai descent out of his bunk late at night. They then used five-centimetre-wide tape to restrain the half-naked man to a table before scrawling “this is where the mongs live” in permanent marker on his lower legs. When an officer had asked during a medical examination where the officers and crew slept, the bosun replied: "Officers sleep in the cabins, the mongs sleep on deck." The defendant went on to explain that the alleged mutinous attack had been a spontaneous prank to get their own back on the bosun, who they normally got on well with. At the time questions were raised over whether the use of the word "mongs" suggested a racist motive to the attack, but the sailor said the word was often used on board the ship and had nothing to do with the bosun's ethnic origin.

 Fv Alize 3  (Fishing Vessel)
302 days ago by Timsen

Propeller fouled by nylon sheetings
On Sep 25, 2013, the French maritime police assisted the "Alizé 3" which was in difficulties off Ecrehous. The crew had requested the CROSS Joburg for help at 3 p.m. after nylon sheeting used to cover shipping containers had fouled its propeller. The Coastguard dispatched the patrol boat "Glaive". Two divers cleared the propeller, and the "Alizé 3" was able to resume its voyage at 4 p.m. French report with photos: www.lamanchelibre...

 Celebrity Century  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
302 days ago by arnekiel

Celebrity Century cancels visit to Ketchikan due to poor weather
The Ketchikan Daily News reports poor weather forced the Celebrity Century to cancel a visit there on Sunday Sept. 22. Weather permitting, two ships are supposed to visit Ketchikan later this week, ending the cruise season there. The next visit of a cruise ship to Sitka will be the Westerdam on May 7, 2014.

 Westerdam  (Passenger Ship > Cruise Ship)
302 days ago by arnekiel

Weather cancels last 2 cruise ships (Westerdam and Oosterdam) to Sitka
Inclement weather continues to play havoc with what’s left of the cruise season in Alaska. A local radio station reports the last two ships expected into Sitka this year have canceled their port calls. The Holland America ships Westerdam and Oosterdam were supposed to have made stops Wednesday (Sept. 25) and Thursday, respectively. Both ships, which each carry nearly 2,000 passengers, also canceled their stops in Sitka last week. The Ketchikan Daily News also reports poor weather forced the Celebrity Cruise ship Century to cancel a visit there on Sunday. Weather permitting, two ships are supposed to visit Ketchikan later this week, ending the cruise season there. The next visit of a cruise ship to Sitka will be the Westerdam on May 7, 2014.

 Desh Vaibhav  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
302 days ago by arnekiel

SCI tanker released from detention in Singapore
A VLCC owned by Shipping Corporation of India (SCI) which was detained by Singapore authorities last week, has been released. The Desh Vaibhav, which is chartered by Reliance Industries Ltd, has returned to its voyage to the Persian Gulf. Local authorities didn’t reveal the reason of the arrest, but confirmed that the issue has been sorted out. [26/09/13]

 Gladys  (Container Ship)
302 days ago by arnekiel

Gladys stuck in outer Chittagong anchorage
The Indonesian flag-carrier, MV Gladis, has been sitting not far from the Karnaphuli estuary since 5pm Wednesday, Sept. 25. It is carrying imported goods for 338 trade institutions. The vessel had earlier met with an accident while travelling from Malaysia's port Klang to Chittagong on Jul 30 when its 176.80 metre long engine stopped working near the coast of Myanmar. The process to tow the ship to Chittagong with tug boats began more than a month after that on Sept 7. Chittagong port secretary Syed Forhad Uddin told that the ships bottom got stuck at the bed not far from the estuary, while five tug boats tried pulling it to the port. "We might be able to bring it to port during high the tide around midnight." The Gladis' draft is 9.1 metre.

 Ensenada Express  (Container Ship)
302 days ago by arnekiel

Costamare buys three second-hand container ships
Three of Costamare’s and York’s purchases were for used ships of a size between 1,162 TEU to 5,576 TEU. The biggest vessel, called Ensenada Express, cost $22.1 million and was subsequently chartered to Hamburg-based Hapag-Lloyd, for about two years at a rate of $19,000 a day. More at www.ekathimerini....

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