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 Aratere  (Passenger Ship > Passenger Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
298 days ago by Timsen

Search for lost propeller
Divers were to head to the Tory Channel on Nov 8 to locate the six-ton-propeller lost by the "Aratere" on Nov 5 at 8 pm. KiwiRail believed the large propeller was about two nautical miles clear of the channel and about 110 metres deep. New Zealand Dive and Salvage was to conduct the side-scan survey and if the propeller was found the company Interislander would look at options to retrieve it. They were still in the process of going through all the options for the ship’s repair, acquiring alternative ships and all the ship and timetable options available. The company has closed its system for future bookings, but expected it to be running again next week with a new timetable in place.

 Hercules J  (Container Ship)
298 days ago by Timsen

Toxic container spilt contents in Helsinki
On Nov 5, 2013, short before midnight the crew of the "Hercules J" alerted the Helsinki Rescue Department about an overheated container from which smoke emerged. The container contained 20 m3 of Divinylbenzene which is both flammable and toxic. Approximately 5 m3 were feared to have spilt into the water. The box was cooled down on board and moved to the quay around 7 a.m. when the danger of an explosion lessened. Smoke stopped to emerge at 9 a.m. Environmental inspectors have taken water samples and were investigating the situation. The substance which is used in the manufacture of plastics is lighter than water and difficult to separate from it, so it was hoped it would evaporate. The police was on site and launched an investigation regarding environmental crime. The authorities assumed that the accident was caused by a handling mistake but little more was known at this stage. Early on Nov 7 the "Hercules J" left Helsinki enroute to Kotka with an ETA of Nov 8, 8.30 a.m.

 Trader I  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
298 days ago by Timsen

Sold to Indian breakers..
..reported on Nov 2, 2013.

 Master  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
298 days ago by Timsen

Sold to Indian breakers..
..reported on Nov 2, 2013.

 Conberria  (Bulk Carrier > Cement Carrier)
298 days ago by Timsen

Cement carrier aground at Stabbe
In the evening of Nov 6, 2013, at 9.35 p.m. the “Conberria" ran aground with high speed on the wrong side of a lighted reef at Vombanakkane near Stabben. None of the 13 crew, 11 Filipinos and two Norwegians, were injured. The ship was under way with a cargo of cement from Brevik in Telemark to Spjelkavik when it got stuck two kilometers west of Florø. At 10.30 p.m. the police was notified that the cargo ship was taking in water. A Sea King helicopter, the lifeboat “Halfdan Grieg” and the tugs “Boa Heimdal” and “Statt Aardal” were dispatched, also the ferry “Fjordkryss” responded. The helicopter could be stood down after the situation seemed to be under control with additional dewatering pumps which delivered by the helicopter and the lifeboat. The crew thus decided to stay on board. The police went on board and talked with the captain and those who were on the bridge and carried out alcohol tests with negative results. From the “Halfdan Grieg” a diver was sent down to assess the damage. Oil booms were put in place. The Coast Guard vessel "Barentshav” was sent to assist in the situation.Due to unsuitable tides a salvage attempt would only be undertaken on Nov 7. At 9 a.m. work was on to get it off. Smit Salvage were contracted to refloat the vessel which had on board 230 tons of diesel fuel. A first attempt was expected to be undertaken on Nov 7 at 1 p.m. Norwegian reports with photos and video: www.firdaposten.n... www.firdaposten.n...

 Mediterranean Sea  (Tug)
298 days ago by Timsen

Fuel barge pushed by tug ran aground
On Nov 5, 2013, a barge loaded with 80,000 barrels of low sulfur diesel fuel went aground off Fort Point near Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The "Mediterranean Sea" was maneuvering to start pushing from the stern,when the barge drifted onto a shoal. The barge was able to be moved off the shoal and berthed where it is expected to offload its cargo. Authorities assessed the damage on Nov 6. The captain of the tug was given drug and alcohol tests as required. The alcohol test was negative and the drug test results were pending.

 Crown Jade  (General Cargo Ship > Refrigerated Cargo Ship)
298 days ago by Timsen

850 kg cocaine found in banana cargo
During Oct 26-28, 2013, the British police found around 850 kg of cocaine, which would have a street value of around £136 million, on board the "Crown Jade" in the cargo of bananas, which had been loaded in Colombia. The vessel dessel docked in Portsmouth on Oct 26, the search took three days. The "Crown Jade" left Portsmouth on Oct 28 and headed for Port of Pointe-a-Pitre via Antwerp and Le Havre.

 Prism  (Ro Ro Cargo Ship)
298 days ago by Timsen

Sold to breakers... Bhavnagar as is including 250 tons bunker fuel in Fujairah by Mideast Ship Management Ltd. which is a subsidiary of Saudi Arabian National Shipping Company Bahri, ETA Nov 2, 2013.

 Asya Nehir  (General Cargo Ship)
299 days ago by Swiss63

02/2013 scrapped

 Arsel Star  (Bulk Carrier)
299 days ago by Swiss63

07/2012 scrapped

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